Music And Food Are Inseparable at Localmotive Farm

Sami recently wrote about a Viral Organic Farm Rap Video... from England (Video); Canada has its own Singin' CSA, the Localmotive Farm in in Coldstream, Nova Scotia. Musician Keith Mullins and Plant Scientist Jody Nelson claim that Localmotive Farm is "is not just a place, it is a concept."

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They write:

We believe in directing our energy toward endeavours that enrich our lives and the lives of those around us: our family, our friends, and our community. Our farm aspires to reconnect our customers to their local food supply, and seasonal produce availability. In contrast to "locomotive" transport, our vegetables do not travel far. Localmotive Farm supplies local families with fresh, seasonal, environmentally sustainable produce through Farmer's Markets and Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).

They also give a very good explanation of the benefits of CSAs for both the farmer and the community, worth repeating here:

Here in Nova Scotia, all vegetable varieties are not available all of the time. Past members have found that learning about the seasonal food cycle and learning to cook within the offerings of the season are part of the pleasure of participating in a CSA. A fridge that is perpetually full of vegetables also encourages healthy eating. In order to assist you in this endeavour, Localmotive Farm shares recipes and preparation ideas throughout the season.

As a CSA member, you are contributing to the support and protection of a local food supply and the local economy. CSA's benefit farmers by eliminating middlemen, and by offering them a reliable, predictable market for their produce. The payment schedule provides an injection of funds in spring, when there are a lot of expenses, like seed, compost, equipment upgrades or maintenance, and miscellaneous supplies.

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Jody has a B.Sc. in Agriculture (Plant Science) with a specialization in Organic Agriculture; it shows. I loved this graph demonstrating the seasonality of their produce. That must be one terrific CSA.

We have seen quite a few examples recently of young people going back to the farm, trying to make a career of it. As I noted in an inappropriately titled post Hipster Farmers Work For Food, "With the internet, farm life is not as isolated as it used to be; with the local food movement, there is a whole new market; perhaps young people will come back to the farm, even after they've seen Paree."

More at Localmotive Farm, and listen to Keith Mullins' music here.
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