Move To Ethanol Expected To Fuel Trend To More Vegetarianism


According to the Financial Times, a US Department of Agriculture Official came up just short of stating the obvious, per our post title:- "Keith Collins, chief economist at the US Department of Agriculture," is quoted in FT as saying that "Feed prices are rising, so that pushes up the costs of poultry, hogs and cattle; and, therefore, a rancher is going to lower the size of his herd to keep costs down. In turn there is going to be less meat, which means prices are going to go up,..." Going on, the USDA representative stated that demand for biofuel feedstock "has contributed to the fall in global corn and wheat stockpiles to about 25-year lows relative to days of consumption". And that's not all. Corn sweetener, too ,is predetermined to go up in price, especially if bad weather and drought leads to a poor harvest. That means snack food prices could soar, amplifying the trend to eating healthier. Which will contribute to a reduction in the obesity rate. So, there you go. Stop complaining about the net energy transfer rate of ethanol. Gaia rules.