Mouths of the World, Unite and Eat Organic!


The genii at Free Range Studios who created the Meatrix have created a new live-action film of real mouths rising up and refusing to eat. According to the Declaration of Indigestion they have nothing to lose but chemical addititives, transfats, GMO's or anything artificial. The message is great, but the wonder of it is that it is all done with real mouths filmed upside down with eyes painted on chins in front of upside down sets."We took that child's game where you make a puppet out of your mouth by drawing eyes on your chin to and then amped it up all the way. We're quite confident that the Mouth Revolution is the best upside-down mouth movie in cinema history!"said Louis Fox, director of the video and Free Range Co-founder. It's brilliant. Viva la Revolution at ::The Mouth Revolution