More Green Eats in Toronto


Leslieville used to be a pretty crummy part of town, with the Canada Lead plant belching out wonderful contaminants for the gardens and some pretty gritty industrial uses. The lead plant is now a film studio, most of the industrial buildings are now converted into lofts, and the high streets have become attractions with foci on retro furniture and design, and now good green food. Pulp Kitchen is a vegan restaurant with edge and style; good food and laid back service. Some complain that the prices are high but we found them comparable to most of the city. I had a fabulous soup of the day, but Hugh swears by the PK sandwich of breaded tofu, roasted tomato, avocado and chilantro dijon mayo. ::Pulp Kitchen


Across the street is the new espresso bar everyone says is the best in town: the Mercury Organic Espresso Bar. As the Star says, : "This place is seriously eco-friendly with organic, Fair Trade beans, biodegradable takeout cups, and compost/recycling bins for food and washroom waste (the latter's disconcerting at first). Baristas pour latte art. Food is created by an artisan baker." They even have a blog. ::The Star