More Backyard Permaculture: Peak Moment Does It Again

Yesterday we took a look at Peak Moment TVs visit to White Sage Gardens, an Oregon experiment in backyard permaculture but, given the rising costs of food and fuel, we can’t get enough of any information that helps folks to grow local, sustainable food. While watching yesterdays video we came across another episode of Peak Moment that also explores the idea of diverse, edible landscapes for our homes and gardens, and we couldn’t help but share it with you. In this episode, also in Oregon, Jan Spencer shows Peak Moment his quarter-acre suburban permaculture project featuring fruit and nut trees, vegetables, brambles, and native habitat, plus a 3500 gallon rainwater catchment system, a sunroom heating the house, and even a small detached bungalow that was added to increase residential density. As we mentioned yesterday, for more information on the permaculture concept, take a look at our previous posts on instant permaculture for the suburbs, a mini permaculture movie, or our interview with co-creator of the permaculture concept David Holmgren.

::Peak Moment::via YouTube::

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