More and More Farmers' Markets Set to Go Year Round

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Photo: Natalie Maynor

More and more of us have committed to hitting the farmers' market each and every week to pick up produce, dairy, bread, meats, etc. But once the farmers' market ends for the year, then what? Do we switch back over to the grocery store and settle for perfectly round albeit tasteless produce? Not so fast. It seems farmers' markets across the country are going year round.
According to a story on Huffington Post, more and more farmers' markets are staying open throughout the year. Even those further north are continuing to supply local eats even when it's cold outside.

David Purpura, a local farmer in Plymouth, Mass. Had this to say:

It can't be a five-month-long thing and then just stop and everybody go to Walmart. If you want to be serious about promoting the local food economy, you have to go through the winter.

From cranberries to root vegetables, farmers' markets across the country are meeting local demand and staying open year round. Greenhouses are becoming more common when necessary and farmers are taking advantage of a little extra income during the winter months.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 898 winter farmers' markets are running nationwide, a 17 percent increase from two years ago.

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