Moraga Vineyards: L.A.'s Greenest (and only) Winemaker

One of California's finest wines is crafted right in the heart of LA County, in ritzy star-studded Bel Air. The heavy development and phenomenal prices for real estate make it an unlikely location, but as Moraga vintners see it, these factors are greater motivation to make sure that they create first-rate wines. Moraga's owner, Tom Jones, is an ardent conservationist and has served as a trustee for the California Nature Conservancy for over 50 years. He sees the challenge of crafting fine wines in this intensely urbanized area not only as a creative opportunity for winemaking, but also as a statement about how open land can be cared for and valued. In an interview for the LA Times article Jones shared he and his wife's dismay at the changes in the Southern California landscape; "Ruth and I were born and raised in California. We love this environment. To see it disappearing into cement…" Moraga recently started making the wine on premises (vs. sending grapes to Napa), cutting operation costs 10% thereby cutting down on emissions associated with picking, packing and shipping grapes elsewhere for wine production. Thank you for the tip Enrique!