Mooncup: Landfill is a bloody business!


This one is for the ladies. And to all you men who are reading this please spread the word to your women folk. It might make that time of the month more bearable for you too!

The Mooncup is revolutionary for all of us who spend ridiculous amounts of time and money using the various products out there for absorbing our monthly flow. The case against sanitary towels and tampons is well documented, due to their huge contribution to landfill and the risks to our health: with chlorine bleaching, carcinogenic absorbency gels and potential Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Many people have discovered the excellent Natracare products, which are biodegradable tampons and towels that are made from organic cotton and are free of any chemicals or synthetics. However the Mooncup goes one step further by eliminating the need for any of this period paraphernalia.

Without going into too much detail, for the more squeamish among you, I will briefly explain what the Mooncup is and how it works. It is a silicon cup about five cms long which can be folded and inserted (sort of like a tampon). Inside it resumes its natural shape and ‘forms a seal with your vaginal walls allowing your menstrual fluid to pass into the Mooncup without leakage or odour.’ The cup can be emptied as often as necessary, though this is usually less frequent than tampons or towels need changing.

Apart from the fantastic convenience of only needing one cup rather than carrying around lots of bulky tampons and towels, the advantages of the Mooncup are numerous: Environmentally speaking it greatly reduces waste going into landfill and it doesn’t require the usage of the usual chemicals, bleaches and synthetics that go into producing all those super absorbent, whiter than white products we normally buy.

In terms of the direct health of our bodies, unlike tampons, the Mooncup will not absorb body fluids or deposit fibres. The smooth surface of the cup allows the vaginal walls to carry on with their ‘essential cleansing and protective functions’. The Mooncup is the first menstrual cup to be made from special medical grade non-allergic silicone. ‘Silicone is derived from silica which is found in sandstone and quartz, one of the most abundant resources on our planet.’

Some women could be put off by the idea of the more ‘hands on’ approach required by the Mooncup. Initially, compared with using tampons applicators, it can seem rather intimate. However the reality is not at all bad. The Mooncup is surprisingly clean and easy to use and will save you a bloody fortune!

To encourage you Treehuggers further:
All Mooncups’s by-products (leaflets and packaging) are made from organic and recycled products.
In December 2004 the Ethical Company Organisation (publishers of the Good Shopping Guide) certified Mooncup Ltd an Ethical Company. This recognises a commitment to a people and animal friendly approach, efforts with regard to environmental issues, responsible marketing and general caring nature.
The Mooncup was voted Best New Product by a team of independent retailers at the Natural Trade Show in March 2003.
The Vegetarian Society approved the Mooncup in May 2004 and the Vegan Society members voted it the Best Environmentally Friendly Product in November 2004.

All quotes taken from

Research and images by Petz Scholtus; written by Leonora Oppenheim, both experienced in the ways of the Mooncup!

Mooncup: Landfill is a bloody business!
This one is for the ladies. And to all you men who are reading this please spread the word to your women folk. It might make that time of the month more bearable for you too!