Monster Vegetables Harvested in the UK

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There must be something in the air, or the soil, but monster vegetables keep popping up in Great (!) Britain. First we have potatoes, the world's biggest potato to be precise. It weighs a whopping 8lbs 4oz, that's 9oz more than the previous record holder.

The amateur gardener who grew it thinks that it bears a strong resemblance to Star Trek's Enterprise spaceship. How did he do it? He said: "The secret to success is starting with the right seed. It's learning how to grow them and putting a lot of effort in and picking up tips from other growers and reading what you can about it."

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He must be acting a little coy because he already holds the world record for the longest carrot: 17feet long, the heaviest parsnip at 13lb, and the longest beetroot at 21ft.

Not to be outdone; this woman grew a 5 ft 6 in. zucchini in her garden patch. It was her first try at growing them and she too has no secrets to give away. She said: 'They were outside in all sorts of weather. This one just kept on getting bigger.'

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And then there is this monster marrow, grown by a Welshman, who has been growing giant vegetables for more than 25 years. It weighed in at 112lb but the world record is 206.5. Sadly it split, so was ineligible for the upcoming competition.

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Someone else is curious about the secrets of the giant vegetables: the Chinese. A delegation of Chinese businessmen and politicians have arrived in this man's garden because they want to recruit him to teach them how they can become world champions.

Clive Bevan has been invited to go on a tour, speaking to ordinary people about growing giant vegetables to eat themselves. He said: 'I'll be taking some samples of my £4-a-packet giant seeds, including cabbage, tomato, runner-bean, cucumber, marrow, pumpkin and onions with me to get them started.'

Mr. Bevan says the secret is in the seeds...and he is willing to divulge a few of his tips for growing the big ones:

"He says the first thing is to get the right seed. Then, make sure you are growing them in the right place, in the correct soil and correct temperature - for many veg that means in a poly-tunnel.
Make sure they have all the water they need - too much is as bad as too little.
Check them every day in the growing season - so unless you have a reliable friend, holidays are a thing of the past.
Long veg such as carrots have to be trained to grow straight, so some growers use lengths of drainpipe.
They need extra support, so they don't break away from their stems. That's why he puts his wife Joan's old tights on his cucumbers and suspends the legs from a frame to take the weight.
Patience, care and
nurture  .  .  .  and don't be disheartened if at first you feel you have failed.
Finally, take extra care when cutting your crop - lifting a heavyweight
can require an extra pair
of hands.
Clive sums up: 'There is no room for error. Your soil has to be absolute ly right, with the right mineral contents. You also need the right atmosphere and constant temperature control.' "

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