Monsanto Continues to Block Independent Analysis of GM Crop Safety

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Two important pieces you should read if you're interested in GM crops, health, sustainable agriculture, and corporate control of agriculture (or any single one of those): First is Union of Concerned Scientists' Doug Gurian-Sherman's op-ed in the LA Times on how Monsanto, Syngenta and other big GM ag players continue to restrict independent analysis of the safety of their creations. And amazingly how this is perfectly legal in the US. An excerpt:

Public sector research has been blocked. In 2009, 26 university entomologists -- bug scientists -- wrote a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency protesting restricted access to seeds. The letter went public, but not most of the writers' identities. They were afraid of retaliation from the companies that might further hamper their research.

"No truly independent research can be legally conducted on many critical questions involving these crops," they wrote. Christian Krupke, a Purdue University entomologist who signed the letter, put it more succinctly to a reporter for a scientific journal. "Industry is completely driving the bus," he said.

For background on all this Red, Green, and Blue has a good overview.

Should this surprise anyone considering how linked big agriculture has been with every single US administration in recent memory? No! Now there's bipartisanship.

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