Momotombo: Organic Chocolate from Nicaragua

With dark chocolate's profile on the rise, it's hard to avoid salivation-inducing news: chocolate tastings, chocolate trade shows, the new Mars CocoaVia "nutritional" chocolate bar. By the time I read about Momotombo's fresh, fudge-like chocolate last week I was ready to hop on a (carbon offset) plane to Managua to try the stuff out.

The innovative confections are hand crafted from organic, unpressed and unheated cacao seeds. Sweet flavors include guava, lemongrass and ginger. Some savory options: garlic, habanero and tequila with lime. The preservative-free goodies have a shelf life of thirty days.
For now, you can grab your own at the Nicaragua air port, where Chocolate Momotombo is quickly becoming a national product. With international specialty demand, the company will be able to create more jobs, expanding from one kitchen with three workers to a network of rural studios. :: The Momotombo Chocolate Factory