Millions May Gain Access to Clean Water After Clinton Global Initiative 'Mega-Commitment'

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Though the issue of clean water and sanitation hasn't made it onto the environmental radar of late as much as equally critical issues such as global warming, renewable energy or tropical deforestation, it is one of monumental significance. The statistics alone are staggering: 2.6 billion people in the world lack access to sanitary toilet facilities and 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water; diarrhea is the number two killer of children under age 5 in the world, ten times greater than malaria and HIV combined.

Addressing this issue is one of the most important commitments made at this year's Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting, the so-called "Water & Sanitation Mega-Commitment": Nearly $460 Million Pledged For Water & Sanitation
In total, 15 CGI member organizations have come together in making collectively a commitment nearing $460 million dollars that will improve the very basic quality of life and improve the health of some 6 million of the world's poorest people. There's a lot being done here, to the point that I'm just providing links to the organizations so that readers can delve more into the work these organizations are doing.

This is a summary of the different programs which are part of the mega-commitment.

Aquaya Institute
$25,000 over 1 year
The Aquaya Institute will be undertaking a "Community Level Trial of the PUR Purifier of Water." With support of the Tigerlake Foundation, this San Francisco-based NGO is working with the Safe Water and AIDS Project to develop small safe water vending businesses in Kenya.

$2 million over 3 years
A Mozambique-based non-profit, Estamos will be providing "100% Access to Water and Sanitation in 50 Villages". In addition, education about hygiene and HIV/AIDS will be conducted through music and theatre presentations.

Global Action and the Heinrich Family Foundation
$550,000 over 3 Years
In "Implementing Safe Water Interventions in Tanzania" Global Action and the Heinrich Family Foundation will be reducing micronutrient malnutrition and increase access to safe drinking water for 25,000 children living in Tanzania by integrating in-house use micronutrient fortification and water purification interventions.

Global Water Challenge
$25 million over 3-5 years
A Washington DC-based coalition of 22 companies, non-profits, health organizations, and foundations, Global Water Challenge will be funding several innovative new local entrepreneurial water and sanitation projects through their Changemakers competition.

video: Global Water Challenge
More Mega-Commitment projects:

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