Michael Stadtlander's Moveable Feast

Michael Stadtlander used to work the stove in Toronto and was recognized as one of the best chefs in the country. We dined in his restaurant Nekah once and it was not dining, it was art. Years ago he packed it in, bought Eigensinn farm, and serves small groups incredible and expensive epic meals made from local foods, many grown or raised on his own farm.(it is considered one of the 10 best restaurants in the world by London's "Restaurant" magazine). Now he is taking it on the road, the Partridge Family of food, family and nine disciples in a 1988 GMC diesel bus running on biofuel cooked up along the way with a refinery kettle in the back. He's decked it out with water, fridges and a six-burner garland commercial range and is heading west.It is a trip full of ironies- In Fort McMurray, home of the oilsands, he is feeding a group of oil executives. "From an artistic point of view, it would be a great contrast". He intends to use only local foods (and a bit of duck fat he brought from home) which should make a meal in the middle of oil sands pretty interesting. Then its off to British Columbia, to do a dinner for loggers in the middle of a clear cut forest, and for fishermen, "the working people of the oceans" on plates made from driftwood and shells. Oh, to be a passenger on this bus! ::Globe and Mail