Michael Pollan's Animated "Food Rules" is Full of Beautiful Veggies

animated food ruleshttp://www.thersa.org/film-competition/Screen capture

I'm always a fan of projects that take ideas we are already familiar with and present them in a refreshing new way. One good example is Chipotle's anti-factory farming ad. And this video featuring stop-action animation of Michael Pollan's discussion of the issue of whether organics can feed the world.

Pollan's voice, stop-action animation inspired by vegetables, short and sweet -- what's not to like?

The film was created by Marija Jacimovic and Benoit Detalle, and is currently in the running for a Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce/Nominet Trust award. If you'd like to vote for the video, and see the other contestants, you can do so here.

Tags: Organic Agriculture

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