Michael Pollan Goes Hunting

Michael Pollan isn’t the type of writer who just sits back and reports. Years of gardening prepared him for writing The Botany of Desire : A Plant's-Eye View of the World. When he wanted to understand the cattle industry, he bought a steer. For an article about genetically modified food, he planted Monsanto's genetically-modified NewLeaf potato in his garden. Now he wants to get to what the hunter/gatherer lifestyle is all about. So he’s learning to hunt.

Since 2003, Pollan’s day job has been as Knight Professor of Journalism at Berkeley. Pollan has become such a figure in environmentalism, that I tend to think of him as.......an agrarian, first and foremost, often forgetting that he’s really a journalist.

In this fantastic interview that Tomdispatch.com picked up from California Monthly, you get a great look at Pollan’s approach to his craft. Including his views on Fox news, The NY Times, Lewis Lapham, science journalism, objectivity, the black hole of American politics, and objectivity.

Give it a read. ::Tomdispach.com [by Tamara Holt]