Message from Earth Says Feel Guilty, Very Guilty (Video)

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From strange films about blowing up little climate skeptics to the futility of pessimistic disasterbation, the topic of what constitutes effective communication keeps cropping up here on TreeHugger. I've just come across another video that I can't make my mind up over—and this one takes on farming. Created as a sponsorship message for Farm Aid by the Anvil brand of sustainable apparel
, it's hard to argue with any of the points made in the video. Soil erosion is a problem. Chemical run-off is a problem. Pesticide poisoning is a problem. And we do all contribute to these problems through the purchases we make every day. Yet just as whining at your spouse about their annoying habits is not the best way to create change, so too the message of the video gets a little lost in the litany of complaints from dear old Mother Earth.

Granted, the video does eventually move from pointing the finger at us all for being part of the problem, but by that point I was so bummed out by all the accusations and complaints that it was kind of hard to be inspired. I'd love it if people bought more organic and recycled clothing. But I'm just not sure a guilt trip is the way to get them to do it. And given the fact that Anvil creates some pretty good-looking clothing, and has some impressive sustainability credentials too, it would have been nice if they focused a little more on the positive.

Maybe I'm just having a bad day.

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