Meet the Freegans: Excellent Dumpster Diving Documentary (Video)

meet the freegans film photo

Image credit: Shields Films
Freeganism and Dumpster Diving always awakens a good debate here at TreeHugger. Usually there are some folks who find it disgusting, and perhaps counterproductive for the image of the environmental movements, meanwhile others contend that it is just a sensible and justifiable response to the insane amounts of food waste in our society. When I wrote about Tristram Stuart's project documenting wasted food, commenter Travis Shields alerted us to his excellent short documentary about Freegans in Portland, Oregon. It's certainly a refreshing and undogmatic take on why folks might want to eat from dumpsters - click below the fold to check out the video. Meet the Freegans was the winner of a 2009 Telly Award and the 2008 International Documentary Challenge "Best Use of Political/Social Issue" award, and it's apparently been making the rounds of the film festivals too. While the movie makes no attempt to hide the ideological motivations of these particular Freegans, I must say it is nice to have those motivations presented more as common sense and a perfectly normal thing to do - rather than as an act of social rebellion or radical political statement. As Steve suggests in the movie, who wouldn't want to eat for free?

Meet the Freegans from on Vimeo.

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