Meat Industry Grossly Outspends Animal Rights, Veg Groups

Counting Animals has an interesting infographic that you should take a look at. It attempts to show the difference in advertising spending between meat producers, meat industry organizations and some of the top US fast food chains, and the total budgets of some of the more prominent vegetarian, vegan and animal welfare advocacy organizations.

As you can see in the screengrabbed version below the meat lobby grossly outspends the veg lobby, to a huge degree—contrary to the accusations sometime leveled by the meat industry at animal welfare advocates. The original graphic, at the link above, is more interactive, showing sources of data; please check it out.

What makes it more dramatic is that the red dots represent just estimated advertising spending from meat advocates (mostly, some of the smaller dots are total budget), while the green dots represent the total budgets of organizations such as PETA, the Humane Society of the US, Farm Sanctuary and others.

Now, this graphic isn't perfect by any means. Including total budget for some of the meat organizations while just advertising for others and then comparing it to total budgets for all the veg orgs is a bit apples to steaks. And the data is not from the same year for all of the organizations. Plus, the advertising spending is estimated, albeit using a transparent methodology.

Which is all to say, I wouldn't go around quoting the numbers in the graphic, but it does paint a compelling picture of the how the scales are tipped rock solidly against the animal welfare advocates, financially speaking.

It also says something about how ubiquitous meat advertising is. Unless you're already vegetarian, vegan, or just disgusted by our industrial agriculture system, and likely acutely aware every time there's some bit of meat advocacy advertising going on, all those ads just pass by as normal. You don't question them. Whereas, when there's an ad from PETA on, you definitely notice it.

Meat Industry Grossly Outspends Animal Rights, Veg Groups
Check this out: Those red dots are the advertising budgets of the big meat producers and meat industry groups, just the advertising budgets; the green dots are the entire budgets of animal welfare groups.

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