Meat Eaters Turning Chicken Due to Markets


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Here are some data to dine on: according to the Deutsche Bank's "Monthly Mouthful," Meat-eaters are "trading down" from beef and pork in favor of chicken as consumers pare their food costs.

Bloomberg's chart "compares the U.S. wholesale prices of chicken breasts, beef brisket, beef cutout and pork belly futures since Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy, an event that helped trigger the credit crunch and recession. Notice how pork futures initially rallied as an alternative investment, but have declined along with the more expensive cut of beef."

"We're seeing more shifts in the meat category to cheaper meats -- ground beef and chicken -- than we saw earlier in the year," said Safeway Chairman Steven Burd. There is "a trading down virtually across the board" in retail and even "non- retail"

It is a lower fat, healthier diet. Next step: cut out the meat altogether and dine on lentils.
Bloomberg via Paul Kedsrosky

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