McDonald's Opens Its First All-Vegetarian Restaurants in India

McDonald's has been in India for a while—and its existing 270-odd restaurants there already boast a menu that's roughly half vegetarian—but the world's second largest fast food chain is opening up two new all-vegetarian outlets there.

The first is in Amritsar, in the state of Punjab, the holiest city for Sikhs and site of the Golden Temple. The second is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, near the Vaishno Devi shrine, a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Business Week reports that the all-veg branches will offer the McAloo Tikki burger and the Pizza McPuff. The former is a rather shabby variation of the ubiquitous aloo tikki, a potato patty most often eaten as a snack or appetizer (the non-McDonald's version pictured below), while the latter is a vegetable and cheese pastry.

Considering that India is awash in vegetarian food options, running the gamut from roadside vendors (the hygiene of some being definitely suspect) to nationwide vegetarian restaurant chains, the big question is why would anyone ever go to McDonald's in a nation where, if you can afford this price point, better food is available, nearly at arms reach, pretty much everywhere?

McDonald's Opens Its First All-Vegetarian Restaurants in India
Why you would want to eat at McDonald's in a place where superior vegetarian food is nearly everywhere escapes me...

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