Matisse & Jack's Trailblaze Energy Bar Mix


We've waxed lyrical about the virtues of Clif Bar on one or two occasions. But still we hear the constant refrain of "But what about the wrapper?". Nick at Triple Pundit might've found an alternative solution. Make your own energy bars ar home and forgo the packaging. For $6 USD you can pick up enough Trailblaze mix to make 12 bars in two flavours: Cranberry Walnut Discovery and Chocolate Amazon. You'll find ingredients like organic rolled oats and organic flaxseeds and non-GMO soy. Oh, and before some smarty pants chimes in"Yeh, but wattabout the packaging for the mix?" Currently its a bio-degradable, non-bleached glassine bag with recyclable labels. But they are "moving towards using an even lower waste solution—by using soy ink and printing directly on the bag." And it looks like the taste is good too — January orders have been backlogged. ::Matisse & Jack's