Matchbox Garden and Seed: It Doesn't Get Anymore Local Than This

Walking on Toronto's funky Queen Street, we noticed a sign for the Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. and walked down a back lane into what is normally a parking area behind retail stores, and found seedlings being sold by Hannah Jacobs from a lovely oasis of a garden, just beginning to sprout. It turns out that in an urban backyard one can make a business growing vegetables and herbs.

Hannah says "Our focus is organically grown heirloom vegetables and herbs. Part of our purpose is to encourage visitors to our garden to start their own inner city organic experience. The month of May brings opportunity to plant your garden, enjoy the warmer weather and look forward to the colours and flavors of summer harvests."

The catalogue is also a gem, a graphic wonder from another era.


Hannah and seedlings, lousy photographer using a Treo

"Truly a green space facelift, this garden was not so long ago a destitute lot filled with weeds and a crumbling garage. It is now a quiet respite from the noise and hustle of the city. Utilizing companion and ally planting to thwart pests and disease, all of the produce, from seedlings to mature vegetables and herbs, are raised in accordance with Canadian organic growing standards."


the vegetable garden where all this comes from.

" For those who are inspired, we offer a wide range of heirloom seedlings and certified organic seed. As the season roles along, we will also have available tomatoes, fresh cut herbs, cucumbers and a variety of salad and cooking greens directly out of our garden."

It doesn't get any more local than this- people selling fresh heirloom food from backyards in the middle of the city. No website but they sell seeds by email at ::Matchbox Garden and Seed Co.

Page from the catalogue:


in Farrs Lane, at Queen and Walnut, behind 881 Queen Street West. (map here)

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