Massive Canadian Recall of Tainted Meat

If we haven't had enough examples recently of what happens when we let such concentration happen in the sources of our food, there is now a massive recall of deli meats in Canada after five people died from Listeria poisoning. It was traced to a single plant in Toronto, but the illness has reached as far as British Columbia. After the pet food poisonings, e-coli and salmonella, perhaps it is time to think about diversifying our sources.

However one must begrudgingly admire the performance of President Michael McCain and the company in dealing with the crisis, withdrawing 220 products before the tests even confirmed they were the source, going huge in print and tv ads apologising and explaining, even posting it on Youtube . My favourite quote:

maple leaf foods graphic photo

"Going through the crisis there are two advisors I've paid no attention to, the first are the lawyers and the second are the accountants. It's not about the money or the legal liability, this is about our being accountable for providing consumers with safe food."

I don't know if a CEO could get away with that in the States. ::Globe and Mail
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