Mars Candy Commits to Sustainable Cocoa Sources

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Photo credit: Rainforest Alliance

The link between child slavery and cocoa production and chocolate has been well-documented, even here on TreeHugger, with our piece by guest contributor Tex Dworkin of the Global Exchange Fair Trade Online Store in 2007. Candy companies like Mars that buy the vast majority of the world's cocoa have also been hounded by environmentalists over the adverse environmental impact of cocoa production, namely deforestation and overuse of pesticides, and that pressure seems to have finally paid off, at least in the case of Mars. The candy giant Thursday announced each of its chocolate products will be made from sources that meet certain environmental, labor and production standards by 2020, according to the Washington Post. Mars is partnering with the Rainforest Alliance, which has developed a a certified-sustainable seal with clear environmental, labor and production requirements. Mars announcement followed on the heels of Cadbury's decision to use a seal from the Fairtrade Foundation for its Dairy Milk chocolate bar by the end of the summer.

"The chocolate industry, like the coffee sector, is quickly waking up to the fact that they need to address their supply chain all the way back to the farmers," Chris Wille, chief of sustainable agriculture for the Rainforest Alliance, told the Post, "because if not, they may not have all the raw ingredients . . . they need." : Via Washington Post
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