Mark Bittman Obsesses About Veganism, Priuses, Carbon Footprints and All That

Mark Bittman On Obsessed with Samantha Ettus Photo

Obsessed with Samantha Ettus
We love Mark Bittman for his sensible approach to cooking and eating. The name of his column in in the New York Times, The Minimalist, says it all. In a recent web interview, Bittman expounds on ecological eating and his philosophy on cooking. Check out the charmingly unedited video from Obsessed with Smantha Ettus.

Obsessed is co-produced by host Ettus and Gary Vaynerchuk, of Bittman is one of the first guests on the show which is aiming to take a nip out of Oprah's market share. Although he's probably not a Brangelina sized draw, Bittman is a solid early guest to set the tone for the show. His reasoned take on topics like why Prius drivers should consider vegetarianism is just non-threatening enough to appeal to a mainstream audience.

Rumor has it that founding TreeHugger Graham Hill will be appearing on the show in the near future, so stay tuned.

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