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For many of us aromatherapy massages are a rare luxury that we treat ourselves too when we need pampering. However Gillian Kavanagh, the founder and creator of the organic aromatherapy range Mandala Aroma, considers essential oils to be, well, essential. In an interview this week with the Pecha Kucha ezine Gillian explains why she left her stressful life as a fashion buyer to start her own aromatherapy company. She tells us how being treated with aromatherapy has rescued her mental and physical health more that once in her life. "My passion for aromatherapy began many years ago whilst trying to cope with a stressful job as a fashion buyer, compacted with the sudden death of my mum and the suicide of a younger brother. Aromatherapy massages assisted me mentally, physically and emotionally." Gillian emphasises the importance of using the best organic essential oils and base oils she can find." When you consider the skin to be the largest organ in the body and that it does absorb what you put on it, it makes you realise how important it is we look after it." However Gillian doesn't want to use the best ingredients she can find at the expense of the environment. She says that she has decided not to use Sandalwood in her products "due to disreputable sources and corrupt officials." She also avoids Rosewood, "as this beautiful tree in now in danger of extinction due to heavy deforestation of the Brazilian Rainforests. We are in touch with two South American botanists who are trying to re establish the Rosewood tree in a protected environment." Read the full interview with Gillian Kavanagh here. Via: Pecha Kucha ::Mandala Aroma
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