Man Eats only Fair Trade for a Fortnight

As Leonora noted, it is Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK. While I suspect that more North Americans know about Fair Trade than what a fortnight is, two weeks of Fair Trade promotion is a wonderful idea. Ben Clowney is eating nothing but fair trade for the entire period, which I would have thought would mean a lot of chocolate and coffee (my kind of diet!) but in the UK Ben can choose from fruit, herbs, rice, quinoa, nuts and snacks and can wash it all down with wine or beer. He dreads going without weetabix and meat, and thinks that there is enough fruit around to avoid scurvy.

We doubt that one can get that wide a range of fair trade food here, and we don't have fortnights, so here is a challenge: Lets have a Fair Trade Friday, where for the one day we eat fair trade. Transfair has a list of retailers here but I can get by on chocolate and coffee for a day. ::Fair Trade Man

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