Making the Meat Go Further: Your Ideas for Reduced Consumption

Most TreeHugger’s will be aware that the argument for vegan, vegetarian and low meat diets is about more than just animal cruelty or the sanctity of life. Meat and dairy products are a huge contributor to climate change and environmental degradation, as Lloyd pointed out in his post on cows and climate change. Many of us however, this author included, are not yet ready to give up our meat completely – see for example the fierce debate in our forums regarding JoshuaOshua’s contention that Vegans in Hummers Are More Green Than Meat Eaters In Hybrids. We were pleased then, to come across Eartheasy’s ideas for a low meat diet – ways in which carnivores can still get their meat fix without eating a 16oz rib eye every night.

Most of the suggestions are fairly obvious, in terms of ways to make your meat go further e.g. adding black beans to your chilli, making noodle stir fry’s etc. but the benefits are clear. Not only do you reduce the amount of meat you are eating, and therefore pollution you are causing, but as food prices continue to rise you will also save money. Of course, the Eartheasy guide only begins to scratch the surface of low meat dinners. There are plenty of traditional thrifty recipes that our grandparents would have used to make the meat go further. That British favourite, Yorkshire pudding, for example, was designed as an inexpensive way of soaking up meat juices, while the French cassoulet uses beans to bulk out whatever meat products are added (an admittedly still pretty meaty looking example is pictured above). So, we thought we'd ask our ever talented readers. What are your favourite low meat, and no meat, recipes? You know where the comments box is. ::Eartheasy::via site visit::

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