Maker Faire NYC: Make Your Own Vegan Soap

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Photos: Alex Davies

I am one of three boys in my family; it's only now that we are all out of the house that I find the perfect solution for my parents' long struggle to keep clean and or seemingly self-multiplying toys from taking over the house: Feto Soap's Make Your Own Soap kits.

Feto founder Lisa Chouinard is an artisanal soap maker, and she has been bringing her expertise to the public at Maker Faire since 2007.


To make the vegan, hypo-allergenic soap, you choose your plastic toy to include inside the bar of soap, a fragrance, and a color. The process of making the soap takes only about five minutes, and then it has to set for 20.

If you can't make it to a Maker Faire anytime soon, don't fret. Feto Soap has a Make Your Own Soap booth open every Saturday afternoon in August in Austin, Texas -- and is also available for private occasions such as birthday parties.

Don't live in Texas? There's still hope for your soap-making dreams- just order your Make Your Own Soap kit for $6. My own gripe is that the kit comes with a plastic toy- wouldn't it be more fun to wash off with your old GI Joe?

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