Maker Faire 2010: Cool Green Stuff You Want from the Maker Shed

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Sugru was a special surprise in the Maker Shed this year. The magical putty-like stuff is perfect for hacking or fixing just about anything. It became a huge hit after TreeHugger, Wired and several other top sites covered it when it hit the market. The makers thought they had made enough for a two month supply for their shelves, but eager buyers snatched it all up in just 6 hours. A second manufacturing run sold out in just 8 hours. The stuff is in high demand and the Maker Shed is the first place anyone could buy any in some time. It was a big star in the faire's market place. But not the only one. Last year, the Maker Shed was packed with cool green stuff that tried to leap into my shopping cart. This year, it was no different. There were some fantastic books and kits for everything from electronics to food that will keep greenies going on DIY projects until next year's faire. Check out some of the top items that you'll most likely want to order for yourself!This book is chalk full of great ideas for what to do with old computers. It's smart ways to keep electronics out of landfills or e-waste dumps.

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If you don't know how something is made, how will you know what you can do to modify it or repurpose it? We loved this book that gives you all the inside info about the guts of things so that you can figure out how to keep it repaired, or hack it into something new.

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Preserving the harvest is an important part in being green - grabbing what's in season and making it last so that you can avoid supermarkets or foods shipped from far away. This book looked like a stellar guide:

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Growing a garden out of kitchen scraps is an awesome idea, and this book tells you what kinds of scraps you want to save and how to grow them into food again!

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This is an awesome kit for anyone wanting to get started making their own cheese but they don't want to hunt down the different materials needed, or spend a lot of money on equipment. Kits are much easier, and this one offers everything you need to get started making eight different kinds of cheese, including feta, ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar, cottage and more.

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Solar panels are of course a must-have item for modifying gadgets to run off sunlight. These were a popular item, as were quite a few solar powered toy kits.

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You can grab most of this online at the Maker Shed.
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