Maker Faire 09: No Shortage of DIY Garden Help


Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch
Family Garden Patch provides materials for super fast, easy raised veggie beds. And they were just one of many in the Homegrown Village at Maker Faire 09 who want to help people DIY their way to sustainable living.The Homegrown Village showed off everything to do with food, gardening, cooking, water use... There were workshops on everything from foraging food to making marshmallows. Gardening was also a primary topic. Visitors could easily leave the ten armed with everything they need to plant their own veggie bed or grow mushrooms.

garden mushrooms photo

Booths were also available with people showing how to do everything, from planting to harvesting to composting...even bee keeping.

garden compost photo

And of course what do do with the food once you have it. There were people there to show you how to make everything form chevre cheese to tofu to beer.

Seeing that some foods usually considered staple supermarket buys are actually really easy to make at home (and even grow the ingredients at home!) will hopefully inspire Makers to expand their skill sets to include food collection and cooking.

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