Make your own edible utensils!

edible utensils
Screen capture DIYs with YY/YouTube

Yuka Yoneda shares her method for making cracker sporks and spoons.

Plastic is one of the most enduring materials that man makes. It takes anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years for it to degrade, yet half of the plastic we produce we use only once. We are a species of such exquisite folly! In 2012, 288 million tons of plastic were manufactured globally … is it any wonder scientists warn that Earth will be buried by increasing layers of plastic waste due to human activity?

But it’s a concern that many people have taken to heart. Last week we wrote about Narayana Peesapaty, for example, who has designed edible cutlery to be used in India. His Kickstarter has raised all kinds of money, showing that the crowds agree – eating the utensils after eating dinner is much better than plastering the planet with them.

Inspired by Peesapaty’s idea, Yuka Yoneda's at inhabitat set out on a mission to bake her own edible cutlery, and success was hers! More or less. She found that knives lacked structural integrity, and things looked a bit wonky; but overall her fork (more spork than fork) and spoon worked well and lasted for three hours after contact with food before becoming soggy.

Her recipe couldn’t be simpler. Is it practical? Probably not. Unless you fall into the DIY-or-die camp, the effort to handcraft cracker cutlery would likely only serve special occasions, but it’s such a fun idea. They would be great for picnics and hikes, and awesome for a kid’s project and party. And if nothing else, they are a fantastic conversation piece ... and talking about plastic waste is a really great conversation to be having.

Here's the how-to:

See photos and step-by-step instructions at inhabitat.

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