Make Your Compost Go Further - Compost Extraction (Video)

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Whether I am talking about making compost as a form of animal husbandry, or musing on the analogy of compost as a yogurt for the soil, I am known for being more than a little bit geeky about the life in my rotted biomass. But I have nothing on the dude in this video, who can wax lyrical on every single facet of the microbiology that exists in our compost and in our soils. But this is far from academic knowhow for the sake of it—he also shows us how we can take tiny amounts of compost and make it stretch across our whole yard. Incredible stuff. OK, so some of the detail of the biology, not to mention the math, may be unnecessary for many of us (and the video could perhaps have been a touch shorter), but this is still a great practical example of how we can take small amounts of biologically active compost and seed our whole garden with a rich mix of bacteria, fungi and other mini-beasties.

From picking the right kind of pump to protect your microbes, to feeding your extraction so that the life keeps on living, there is some fascinating stuff in here. I'd love to hear from anyone who has put these kinds of methods to use. I may have built many a pile, but I am a newbie to teas and extractions. I must admit I am still not totally clear on the relative benefits of compost tea versus compost extractions, but given the fact that he accidentally interchanges the terms throughout the video, I am guessing either is pretty darned useful.

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