Make a Difference with The Groovy Mind

For the past week, it's been raining here in the Northeast and needless to say, we needed a cup of coffee pretty badly this morning. We brew our own at home instead of hitting up the local Starbucks and it seemed like the perfect time to dive into our "Groovy Gift Box" we received from The Groovy Mind. Melanie Mitzner and her business partner, Nicke Gorney, launched their Fair Trade, organic and eco-friendly online store to trade in higher consciousness and to further the movements of environmental sustainability and social and economic justice. The site sells delicious coffee and tea, luscious chocolate and yummy snacks in addition to handmade crafts and toys. People love to both give and receive socially responsible and environmentally sustainable gifts so in addition to the gift boxes they also offer "Gourmet Gift Certificates" and "Gourmet Gift Memberships" to either the coffee or tea club. So as we sit here and sip our Smooth Groove (delicious!), we read the information card that Mitzner and Gorney included for us: "change the world one sip at a time." Today is already looking better. ::The Groovy Mind