Make a Cheap Worm Bin from Buckets (Video)

red wiggler vermicomposting worm
Photo Credit: lessismorebalanced, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License.

I'm always looking for cheap composting and vermicomposting projects. Pre-made vermicomposting bins or systems can be pricey. I've made worm bins from plastic storage bins, and they work well, but I've been on the lookout for something smaller that will fit well under my kitchen sink.

Enter this easy project from TiredGarden on YouTube, which makes use of two plastic cat litter buckets. If you don't have a cat, you could use two five gallon buckets or two laundry detergent buckets to do the same thing (just rinse the laundry detergent buckets out really well -- the soap can be irritating to your worms.)

What I love is the simplicity of this project: two buckets, one lid, and a drill are all you need to make this project. The two-bucket method shown in the video allows for easy vermicomposting while making it very easy to harvest the vermicompost tea produced by your bin. If you add a third bucket, as he shows in this other video, you'll also have an easy way to harvest your vermicompost. Great system -- super cheap and efficient. I'm definitely going to make one of these.

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