Majesteas are the Perfect Hostess Gift

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Photo: B. Alter

You are visiting a cottage, you have to bring something and you want it to be nice. What to do?

Here's one answer that fits in with the laid-back, take-it-slow summer attitude: loose tea. Drink it while watching the sun set. Bliss.

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Photo: B. Alter

This lovely tea selection comes from Majesteas, a new tea shop in Toronto. It specializes in more than 100 different kinds of loose teas which are blended to the owners' specifications. They also hold tea classes where one can learn tips for brewing the perfect cuppa as well as get to sample several different kinds of teas(white, green, oolong, black).

They have an assortment of enticing blends. The Royal Wedding Blend was peach infused white tea with delicate pink rosebuds. French Blend mixed Indian, Kenyan and Chinese black teas with jasmine and lavender flowers. C'est magnifique.

For a more zen moment, Genmaicha was developed by Zen monks who mixed green tea with the brown rice stuck to the bottom of their rice bowls. Luckily the tea tastes better than that. Sea Breeze is made with lemon myrtle and rooibos and is rich in antioxidants,

Rooibos orange blossom is a good one to start the children drinking. It's not really a tea, per se, but rather an organic blend of rooibos, orange flowers, berries apples, strawberries and lemon grass.

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Photo: B. Alter

They are trying to be as eco friendly as they can, using recycled or
unbleached paper, biodegradable cups, lids and straws. Their bags
are Kraft paper with a soy ink stamp which looks great, and can be composted
or recycled. They would love to use similar packaging for the loose tea, however
with it needing to be air tight and dark, they haven't found an ideal product
yet (but are always looking).

It's catchy: many of their customers bring their tea tins back to be refilled. Suppliers are also listening and shipping items not with new filler, but newspapers that can be recycled instead of bubble wrap that goes to landfill. The baked goods supplier now uses re-useable containers to deliver orders rather than new boxes which take energy to produce and recycle.

Included in this lovely gift was a tea brewing basket and measuring spoon. The basket fits inside most mugs and allows the tea to steep which is so necessary to good tea making. It even comes with a lid to keep the heat in.

It all comes in a cardboard box that can be recycled and used to carry the cups of steaming tea down to the dock... As for those thoughtful guests who brought the present: thanks again and come again any time!

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Majesteas are the Perfect Hostess Gift
You are visiting a cottage, you have to bring something and you want it to be nice. What to do?

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