Madrid Declines the Offer of Fruit Trees

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Fallen Fruit, the organization that helps people harvest public produce, traveled to Madrid, Spain, to attended the ARCOmadrid art fair. While there, they intended to implement a project that would have planted 60 fruit trees in publicly-accessible spaces in the city.

Unfortunately, the city disagreed.Good writes:

An email late Thursday telling Fallen Fruit to cease and desist had been followed by a reprimanding call from the wife of the former president. "They told us that she's the Margaret Thatcher of Spain," said Burns, with a bit of a bemused smile. Although she held no public office, she was supposedly an authoritative member of a city beautification group, which was even more telling, said Young. "Here, trees are used like architecture, they're decoration," he said. "We asked, 'Can they be used for more?'" Viegener thought the whole situation was pretty ironic, seeing as the city had already given its unofficial approval for the trees: "They bought them for us!"

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