MacArthur Genius Will Allen Shows Us the Future of Urban Agriculture (Video)


Giving Everybody Access to Healthy Food

Many people are called geniuses, but few of them actually get a 'genius' prize from the MacArthur Foundation. Will Allen was one of the rare few to be selected, as we wrote about a few years ago, because he's so visionary that he shows us the way to go forward and does it better than anyone else. Spark has made a great short video that gives an overview of Will Allen's work on the urban farm. I highly recommend that you check it out (the video is below in this post)!

Allen is the CEO of Growing Power, a non-profit that aims to "provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities".

Here's a slightly older video where Allen explains what the thinking is behind Growing Power:

Via Vimeo
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