Maca Miracle Bars: The Next Acai or Goji Berry?

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I got the sense after picking up the sample of Maca bars that this could be the next miracle "food" popping up on the market. That is, if we're not already too burnt out by "miracle foods." I sampled a few of these Potent Life bars and Maca Miracle bars and the results were anything but miraculous. I guess you could say I was expecting these bars to be bursting with flavor, particularly with names like "Himalayan Pink Salty Peanuts," "Bittersweet Cacao Crunch" and "White Chocolate Chunk Fudge." Instead, they tasted about the same as a Power Bar, if you've ever had one, with that uniform taste and texture, along with the occasional chunk of nut or chocolate thrown in. I'm not saying they were bad, just that you have to manage your expectations with these. They might be good for you, and pack a nutritional punch as they claim, but you're probably going to need a glass of something to help wash them down.

The Potent Life bars were created by Dr. BJ Adrezin and offer a nutrition bar that can cure just about anything that ails you. Mental clarity, enhanced libido, fertility enhancement, improved recovery from stress, immune support for growing children, hormone balancer and even an increased sense of well-being are all attributed to these bars. The "problem" comes from the fact that the Maca is produced high in the Andes mountains and then is trucked to Oregon where the bars are produced and then shipped to your local store. The production of Maca is fair trade and supports indigenous communities and is grown organically and harvested ecologically so you can feel good about that part if you do purchase the bar. Plus most, if not all, of the other ingredients that go into the bars are either organic or chosen for their health benefits.

What is Maca?

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Maca is a "turnip-like root" that is grown high in the Andes and has been traditionally been eaten by the "Ancient Incas of Peru...for thousands of years" according to the Potent Life website. It is being labeled as another one of these Superfoods and in each bar you get over 2500 mg of Maca Miracle, though there is no explanation what that involves. Even if the Maca isn't a miracle-cure-all food, the bars probably aren't that bad for you as most everything in the bar is organic and either a fruit or nut. The fat is a little high, but they do offer 7 grams of protein which isn't bad.

You can find Potent Life bars and Organic Maca bars online at Potent Foods or at a health food store near you. :Potent Foods
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