Luxury Potato Chips by Tyrrells

Tyrrells potato chips are so fresh that a "chip can spend its morning in the field and its afternoon in the fryer". They are part of the new-ish trend that has hit the market in the last few years for luxury-line potato chips. In 1992, when the supermarkets were paying nothing for potatoes, by chance William Chase decided to turn to luxury potato chips. The secret of his success lies in the potatoes-- at the family farm in Herefordshire they grow mainly the old varieties — selected for their superior taste. Then they fry them in small batches using their own traditional recipe. There are no pesticides or additives. Unlike many English "crisps", they cut them into thick slices of potato. They are dropped straight into sunflower oil without washing off the starch. By doing this, the chips absorb less fat ( fat content is reduced by 20-25%) yet retain their flavour. The bags for the chips are beautifully designed, some are clear so that you can see what you are getting, others have pictures of the employees and stories of the farm on them. A second farm has been purchased with acres of organic apples which Chase intends to turn into cider. And he has a plan for the potatoes that don't get turned into chips: "What we really want to do is make vodka". :: Guardian