Lunching at Live Organic Food Bar

High tech tomatoes, mysterious milk, supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff or is it going to eat us? - painted on bathroom wall at Live.

Pizza with a pressed buckwheat crust and red pepper hemp "cheese". "Sushi" made from soy. Pumpkin Gnocci. "Raw"violi. We had lunch at Toronto's Live Organic Food Bar, where most of the menu items are raw and all are vegan. The menu runs for pages; There are dozens of drinks and smoothies; the wine is organic. To top it off, the design of the place is clever, cheerful and bright. We had a tasting assortment of completely raw foods, including the pizza and sushi; it was wonderful. It is rated as one of the best restaurants of any kind in town, and we can see why- you don't have to be vegan to have a good time and a great meal here. read ::Now Magazine's review
"shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables, they probably get jet-lagged, just like people"- on the other bathroom wall at Live.