Lucid Food: Conscience Catering in New York City

Next time some of you New Yorkers are planning an event and don't want to cook for it or might want some help, keep Lucid Food in mind. Run by New York restaurant veterans Louisa Shafia and Cydnee Yamamoto, Lucid was recently hired by the New York Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council not only to cater a picnic for them, but also to make the event waste free. For this high-end crowd, the food needed to be nothing but the best. Lucid designed a chic, simple menu which offered locally grown food and organic products purchased from a Farmer's Market and local cooperatives. In addition, they also came prepared with biodegradable take-away boxes, drinking cups and trash bags that can be taken right out to your compost pile. Even the napkins they used are 90% post-consumer waste that can be recycled. The company feels that "if you give New Yorkers earth friendly choices, and you make those choices convenient, affordable, and of good quality, people here are happy to support those choices." One New Yorker, Wendy Tremaine, utilized Lucid's services for her Swap-O-Rama-Rama event recently (see our TreeHugger TV episode on the event here). Lucid says, "With this kind of food, Lucid Food may be converting a lot of New Yorkers to the sustainability cause." ::Lucid Food