Love Your Farmers Market? Help Them Win Some Moola This Summer

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Care2 and are sponsoring the Love Your Farmers Market contest to encourage people to get out to area farmers markets, as well as, put a little money back into the market for the most popular venues. So show your favorite weekly spot a little love by giving them your vote. Here's how:Now you can show a little love to those familiar faces you see every week at the market, who also give you a little love by throwing in a few extra peaches or spinach leaves each week. The farmers market with the most votes by the end of the summer has the chance to win a nice chunk of change. Each week one farmers market will be randomly chosen (not based on votes) to receive USD$250. For voters who want a chance at some cash, all they have to do is recruit friends and the top 10 recruiters each win $50. At the end of the summer, the market with the most votes will receive USD$5,000 and the four runners up will each receive $1,750 dollars.

You can also find several Youtube videos featuring Jen Dalton, an organic home cook, who has come up with creative dishes made from items purchased at her local farmers market. Earlier this week Sara wrote about another farmers market contest sponsored by American Farmland Trust, so it seems Farmers Markets are the "it" thing this summer. Give your market a boost in the ratings at Love Your Farmers Market. :Local Harvest
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