Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days on the Climate Neutral Diet!

Dan Worth, an environmental lawyer and head of NAELS, went to Paris with his and found that switching trains on the metro was the equivalent of climbing 100 flights of stairs per day. They walked everywhere, (or between train stations) ate whatever they wanted, had a great time and lost ten pounds. He calls it the Climate Neutral Diet and he is really on to something- every calorie you burn on your bicycle or by walking comes off your waistline, and every mile you don't drive produces that much less CO2. Excess fat becomes the greenest fuel of all! Dan calculates that in America, in his work as an environmental lawyer, he pumps out a quarter ton of CO2 per week. In France, with an effective local and suburban rail network, he could move around easily by train and foot, consuming far less fuel. 30% of American adults- 60 million people- are considered obese. Imagine how much CO2 would be saved if that was converted to miles walked or biked. ::Huffington Post