London Stations Lose Fair-Trade Shops


AMT are a chain of cafes that operate out of London train stations. They serve only fair-trade coffee, which we like - both for its ethical sourcing and its early morning caffeine kick. Unfortunately though, they have lost the contract to work out of Network Rail's stations and the company that is replacing them doesn't offer any fair-trade options at all.As London is aiming to become a fairtrade city, this seems like a backward move to us. I'm sure that there are all sorts of financial and contractual reasons for the change, but the least that Network Rail could do is add a clause in the contract that fair-trade coffee must be available, if not mandatory.

According to Londonist, the loss will mean 20,000 fewer cups of fair-trade coffee being sold each day, and a £7,000 loss in investment for farming communities. They aren't just complaining either - they offer a solution, too, "If it bothers you that you won’t be able to get your caffeine fix with a clear conscience first thing in the morning, there are things you can do.

Email Barbara Barnes, the Head of Customer Service at Network Rail at, expressing your concern that it is important to offer fair-trade produce, whether by AMT or not, as an easily accessible option in these mainline stations." ::Londonist

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