Local Food in Pretty Packages Displayed at Art Gallery, of All Places

local food table photo

Lloyd Alter

Local food is popping up everywhere, but in art galleries? That's what I saw at Partners & Spade in the NOHO district of New York City. It is an exhibition of the packaging of foods made in Brooklyn, and range from the self-conciously designed products to the more traditional designs that have become part of peoples lives.I took my own pictures, but it was a crowded party celebrating ICFF that night and they were not very good; I asked Anthony Sperduti of Partners and Spade to shoot some for me.

local food meat salt photo

Canned meat and salt from Golden Key Market

local food vinegar photo

Red wine vinegar from W.M. Brown

local food kombucha photo

Kombucha from Luminous Kitchen

local food bloody mary photo

Bloody Mary mix from McClure's Pickles

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