Local Food Distribution Goes Bi-Coastal With New Partnership

food hub ecotrust or foodex parthership photo© Ecotrust

Farmers markets may be great in bringing together local food producers and local food consumers, but without having distribution alternatives to the mega-distributors and markets there's a missing link in the chain of local/regional food production.

One new way of addressing that is the new partnership between FoodHub, Ecotrust, and OR FoodEx.

Just announced but beginning in 2013, the partnership will:
Build connections and online transactions between wholesale buyers...and local producers, and it will leverage FoodEx's existing trucking and logistics infrastructure to deliver products from multiple producers on a consolidated delivery and invoicing system. The integrated FoodHub + FoodEx system will retain the source identity throughout the value chain, while online profiles will provide stories and pictures from the producers for chefs and grocers to share with eaters.

Split across the East and West Coast, the partnership will refine its operations in New England (OR FoodEx is based in Boston) and then replicate it on the West Coast (Ecotrust is based in Portland, OR and FoodHub currently operates in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and California).

Local Food Distribution Goes Bi-Coastal With New Partnership
A new partnership links local and regional food producers with wholesale buyers.

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