Local Flavour Plus- Bringing Local Food to Big Buyers

Many years ago we were impressed by former Toronto Mayor John Sewell's failed campaign to promote import substitution and wrote about it on TreeHugger here. 15 years after John talked about it, we are all over the hundred mile diet and being a locavore and supporting smallmarts. We are pleased to learn that right here, in John Sewell's backyard, a new organization, Local Flavour Plus, links farmers close to the City with major consumers of produce, working with big buyers to have the biggest impact. They just inked a deal with the University of Toronto to supply local produce for all of the U of T cafetierias (bigger than many cities!) and are looking for more corporate buyers and farmers to supply it. And it is not just local: their goals include "the development of vibrant local and regional economies across Canada by fostering food systems that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. We are accomplishing this goal by certifying farmers and processors who produce food in environmentally and socially responsible ways and linking them with local purchasers." Not ready for prime time website at ::Local Flavour Plus Listen to CBC's Andy Barrie interviewing Director Lori Stahlbrand on ::Metro Morning (may only work if you can play Realplayer files) LFP-certified farmers and processors agree to:

1. Employ sustainable production systems that conserve soil and water while displacing harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
2. Avoid the use of hormones, antibiotics and genetic engineering
3. Protect and enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity on working farm landscapes
4. Provide safe and fair working conditions for on-farm labour
5. Provide healthy and humane care for livestock
6. Reduce food-related energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation, recycling, minimal packaging, and local sales.