Local Burger: Kansas's Fast Food


Ok, so, "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" is way overused. However, it can seem appropriate when discussing innovations like Sellers Markets Sustainable Fast Food. If you thought such a concept would work few places besides NoCal in the foreseeable future, I was kind of with you. Then, last week, our TreeHugger TV maven Simran Sethi gave me the skinny on Lawrence, Kansas's own Local Burger. She loves the joint cuz it serves "Local foods and considers the special diet, the vegetarian, the environment, the economy, sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry and a whole lot of other stuff." You can pop in for local and grass fed beef, as well as elk and pork from nearby. Since the eatery will celebrate its one-year anniversary on September 14, locals seem to be eating it up. So, you are in Kansas. Still. And it's a good thing. (And if you're not, visit the web site anyway. Hear cute sounds from little cattle, elk and bison.) ::Local Burger