Living Nature Health & Beauty Products

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At Living Nature, a health and beauty products manufacturer based in New Zealand, employees are busy making the "safest, most natural cosmetics in the world." Using no synthetic preservatives or parabens (which may cause cancer), the company makes mighty fine, all-natural cosmetics, soaps, stuff for aches and pains, massage oils, hair care products, essential and bare oils, and health supplements for men and women. They also vehemently eschew artificial coloring, petroleum, sodium laurel sulfate, aluminum, and animal ingredients. On their Web site, you'll find a tremendous glossary of ingredients and terms, both natural and potentially hazardous—all the better to understand those crazy labels with. A pdf chart helps you match products to your skin type. In this case, what's good for the planet is also good for your body. Go ahead, you're worth it! Thanks for the tip, Jess McF. Available in the U.S. through ::NZPacific ::Living Nature [by MO]